Photo-Facial Skin Rejuvenation                                      $150

Body Cavitation Special! Ask Lynn for details!

Radio-frequency Face Lift $100 per treatment. See Lynn for a bundle treatment to suit your needs!

Laser Hair Removal:

Small Area:    $85

  • Chin                                                        Bikini Line            
  • Neck                                                       Cheek                      
  • Upper Lip                                              Feet                         
  • Axilia                                                       Hands                     
  • Areola                                                     Nose                        
  • Sideburns                                              Stomach Line         
  • Under Arms                                          Front of Neck      

Medium Area:  $110

  • Bikini                                                   Buttocks                  
  • Back of Neck                                      Half Arms
  • Full Face                                              Shoulders       
  • Partial Chest                                       Inner Thigh (Bikini Area                                                                                             

Large Areas $150

  • Lower or Upper Leg                          Abdoman                  Brazilian
  • Full Chest                                            Full Arms
  • Full Face and Neck                            Half Back

Extra large Area $250

  • Full Back                                              Full Legs
  • Full Chest & Abs

Cosmetic Injections: Botox                 $9 per unit

Medical Microneedling only $150                                                                           

                         PRP Facials using your own blood to revive youth and restore beauty!

This technique separates red blood cells from the plasma. The platelet-rich plasma is re-injected into the skin creating a natural facial appearance without the use of artificial fillers. Chances of adverse reaction is negligible since the body is unlikely to reject its own blood! Combined with micro-needling, the PRP Facial show dramatic results with a marked regrowth of collagen. See a reduction of wrinkles. Call Lynn for a free consultation.

Incredible price of $400

20% Discount on a second or third treatment